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My life's work is to

Question what it means to be human

My poetry is a reflection of my experiences and life lessons. I want my words to be a mirror for people to see themselves more clearly and ultimately feel closer to each other and the world.

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You have a story to share

People often view vulnerability as a weakness but I've come to see it as a strength. Sharing our stories can create empathy, inspire action and motivate change. What’s your story?

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Collaborations with

IN-Q's poetry is a huge inspiration for me. He's made me cry, laugh and ponder deeply all within the same piece.

IN-Q writes to entertain, inspire and challenge his audiences to look deeper into the human experience.

IN-Q is a true visionary. His performance inspired us to shift opinions, promote change and drive culture.

Aloe Blacc

Multi-platinum Recording Artist

Oprah Super Soul

World's Top Thought Leaders

Evan Greene

CMO, The Recording Academy (The GRAMMYs)

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