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Hey everyone. I just released my first stand-up poetry special, Question Everything Live at the Mark Taper Forum. 

We filmed it in January 2015 which makes it almost two years in the making. I'd like to personally thank The City Drive Entertainment Group who did such incredible work on this project.

Click below to purchase it from Vimeo. It’s just $5 and you’ll get some extended footage as well. Hope you enjoy.


I’m a sandcastle
But I fell in love with high tide
And if she takes me away
It’s all a part of the ride
We chose to come out of the darkness and shine
At such a pivotal time
An individual matures in a jagged line
I guess it’s hard to notice evolution when it’s real time
They told us we could make money or make change
But we can make both
We can take the blame and transform it into hope
Cause I have faith that our mistakes can be our greatest growth