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A poetic keynote that will explore the topics of growth, possibility, love, empowerment and courage in the modern world. It will unexpectedly open your heart and mind, shift perspectives and allow the audience to connect with themselves and others in a uniquely powerful and entertaining way. This creative session is an opportunity to have a human experience in a corporate setting, break down internal barriers, build trust, drive collaboration, and ultimately inspire personal and collective transformation.
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How long is a keynote performance?

A keynote can be anywhere from one poem to 75 minutes depending on what your company or organization is looking for.

Does IN-Q offer virtual keynote performance?

Yes, keynote performances may be offered in person or virtually.

What type of companies and organizations are the right fit for IN-Q's keynotes?

IN-Q has inspired countless teams including leading Fortune 500 companies. Previous clients include Google, Facebook, Spotify, Vans, Nike, Instagram, Disney, & Viacom. Keynotes and workshops are tailored to your needs to provide a unique experience.

What is IN-Q's availability for booking a keynote?

If you are interested in booking IN-Q, please reach out via the form below and IN-Q’s team will be in touch as soon as possible.

Additional Offerings

Custom Poems

Through his expertise as a storyteller, IN-Q will craft a tailored piece for your brand, company or campaign and choose the right words to help share your message in a uniquely inspirational way.

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Change your story, change your life. Using the power of writing and creativity, IN-Q takes the audience on a poetic journey of self-reflection and transformation. Attendees will be challenged to dig deep into what’s stopping them from living up to their fullest potential and stepping into their personal and professional power.

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Custom Poems